Orchard Software, A Comprehensive AYP Solution for Your School  
  Download Orchard for English Language Learners to learn how to use Orchard's assessment, instruction and data management tools with your ELL students. To speak with an Orchard representative about ELL instruction, call 1-800-351-1404.
Explore All of Orchard's ELL Appropriate Programs:
ELL appropriate program features including voiced instruction, recording capabilities, and highlighted phrases can be found in other bundles. Look for the ELL icon in these bundles:
  Language Arts K-3
  Language Arts 4-6
  Language Arts 7-9
  Reading Realities Elementary
  Developmental Language Arts
  Math K-3
  Math 4-6
  Math 7-9
  Science 4-10
  Data-Driven Management and Reporting
  Orchard reports provide teachers with the ability to ensure they meet the needs of the hardest-to-reach students and help schools meet NCLB accountability requirements. In addition to monitoring progress on mastering state standards, teachers also have the ability to listen to recorded student voiced responses for use in evaluating and authentic assessment.